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cinerea 'Kaziu' PBR EU20192207

  • XI/XII
  • IV/V
  • -25˚C
  • 200cm
  • 200cm
  • Inedible
Spiraea x cinerea ‘Kaziu’ or Grefsheim is a richly flowering ornamental shrub that can stand alone in the garden as a flowering shrub or can be mass planted. Its golden yellow leaves are unique!!! It doesn’t burn and isn’t sensitive to mildew. The shrub grows up to about 1.5 m height and also grows width-wise. It is a good winter resistant shrub. The overhanging branches are covered in beautiful bright white panicles in April and May.
This flowering shrub thrives in the sun. It can also stand in the semi-shade, but will flower less abundantly. The soil can be fertile and moist, but must have good drainage.
Bloom and leaf
Spiraea x cinerea ‘Kaziu’ bloom’s opulently in April and May with many white flowers at the end of the overhanging branches. The golden yellow leaf is lancet-shaped. The shrub loses its leaves in winter.
Spiraea x cinerea ‘Kaziu’ is easy to prune into shape. Slightly older shrubs can be regenerated, where approximately 1/3 of the older branches are pruned just above the ground. New twigs will grow in their place and this gives you an attractive, full and nicely blooming shrub


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'Kaziu' PBR