Viburnum rhytidophyllum Little Snowball (‘Josavib1’) PBR

‘Little Snowball’ is a compact groing evergreen shrubs which grows maximum 30 cm per year, within 10 years she reach about 2 meters. ‘Little Snowball’ shows very nice creme colored flowers in autumn. Suitable for low hedges or as a group planting in the garden.

Viburnum rhitidophyllum Little Snowball (‘Josavib1’)  is protected by CPVO with number: EU2016291. Propagation without any written permission is prohibited. 

Origin: Viburnum rhitidophyllum Little Snowball (‘Josavib1’) is bred by Kees de Jong from The Netherlands. Viburnum rhitidophyllum Little Snowball (‘Josavib1′) is protected by European Breeders Rights’ at the CPVO in Angers (FR) with number: EU2016291.


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