Cupressocyparis x leylandii ‘Green Rocket’ PBR

‘Green Rocket’ marks herself by her straight up growing habit. Her Leader branch should not be caned for growing straight up. ‘Green Rocket’ will easily survive temperatures like -20 degrees Celsius, and the extreme heat is also no problem for her. With her dark colored leafs and a straight up growing habit will she fits in every garden as hedge plant or as solitary.
Cupressocyparis x leylandii ‘Green Rocket’ is protected by CPVO with number: EU32756 and USPP:22,407. Propagation without any written permission is prohibited.

Origin: Cupressocyparis x leylandii ‘Green Rocket’ is bred by Kees de Jong from The Netherlands. Cupressocyparis x leylandii ‘Green Rocket’ is protected by European Breeders Rights’ at the CPVO in Angers (FR) with number: EU32756 and has an American patent with number: PP22,407 with name: Cupressocyparis x leylandii ‘Green Power’


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