Buddleja Dreaming Purple (‘Hinebud4’)  PBR

Compact growing butterfly bush with light hanging flowers which has extreme fragrance, the flower color is purple. Everblooming during summer and late summer. Height 60 cm width 90 cm. Winter hardy up to -25 °C.
Buddleja Dreaming Purple (‘Hinebud4’)  is protected by CPVO with number: EU20162742. Propagation without any written permission is prohibited.

Origin: Buddleja Dreaming Purple (‘Hinebud4’)  is bred by Hines Growers LLC – Colorspot Nurseries from America. Buddleja Dreaming Purple (‘Hinebud4′) is protected by European Breeders Rights’ at the CPVO in Angers (FR) with number: EU20162742.

Website: www.colorspot.com

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