Our Network…

Over the years, Breederplants VOF has developed a network in Europe, Asia, USA, Australia and New Zealand. We have done so to offer you the broadest possible sales area, as owner of the species. We have entered into cooperations with various companies in these continents, in order to realise more direct and specific monitoring, sales and marketing for you, as owner of the species.

Breederplants VOF has also established agencies with the various companies in European countries, including:
Globe Planter – France, Spain and Portugal
Genesis plant marketing – United Kingdom and Ireland

Breederplants VOF aalso represents various companies in the former Eastern Europe. We have done so in order to offer growers a broader package for cultivation in these countries. Our partners in former Eastern Europe are:
Plantipp BV
Kolster BV
Genesis plant marketing
Anthony Tesselaar Australia

Would you like more information on what Breederplants VOF can do for you regarding the placement of species at growers, monitoring or marketing of your species? Or are you interested in cultivating a Breederplants VOF species? Feel free to contact us by e-mail or telephone (find us under the CONTACT icon)