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domestica MANON (Sunset Boulevard) PBR EU46400

  • -15˚C
  • 75cm
  • 75cm
  • Inedible
‘Sunset Boulevard’ is the second Nadina in the Sunset collection. Compairing with the ‘Summer Sunset’, ‘Sunset Boulavrd’ is shooting young shoots with a lot of diverse colored young shoots like; orange, red, yellow, pink and green. The compact habit of the ‘Sunset Boulevard’ is also a very high point in the ‘Sunset collection’. The young shoots are visible from early spring until the first frost. The winter color is deep red. ‘Sunset Boulevard’ is suitable for any garden, very suitable as patio plant or on the balcony in a beautiful pot. Winter resistant and if planted in the ground it will be able to take temperatures as low as -15° Celsius.

Nandina domestia Sunset Boulevard (‘Manon’) is protected by CPVO with number: EU20143395 and in America with: PP26,002. Propagation without any written permission is prohibited.


Andre Boereboom

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domestica MANON

(Sunset Boulevard) PBR