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x kobus Maraczi (ISIS®) PBR EU29997

  • III/IV
  • -25˚C
  • 500vm
  • 100cm
  • Inedible
Expectedly 5-10 meters high and 2-3 meters wide deciduous tree, with narrow shaped upright crown. The young shoots are more yellow colored than the normal Magnolia kobus. Their leaf color is rusty when it grows and changed later during the season to green. ISIS flowers already at the age of 3-4 years old. The flowers are the same like at the Magnolia kobus: snow-white with 6 petals. Stamens are pink at the beginning of the blossoming period and creamy-white at the end. Perfect winterhardy!!!

Magnolia kobus Maráczi (‘IsisTM’) is protected by CPVO with number: EU29997. Propagation without any written permission is prohibited.


Prenor Kertészeti és Parképito Kft

Béke tér 1

9700 Szombathely



x kobus Maraczi