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anagyroides LAYR (Yellow Rocket) PBR EU57653

  • V/VI
  • -25˚C
  • 400cm
  • 100cm
  • Inedible
Taughtly ascending columnar tree that grows upwards gracefully and upright without hanging branches, the crown at the top stays dense and does not sag after a few years. To achieve the most attractive bloom, we recommend keeping as many branches on the crown in order to heighten the effect of the flowers.

Bloom, leaf and branch
Young twigs are a striking green. Old branches turn brown-green. The trunk remains smooth. The dark-green leaf is ternate; each part of the leaf is 3 – 8 cm long and has a blue-green underside. The bloom is opulent and begins in April/May, with golden yellow hanging bunches of 10 – 20 (25) cm length, but the flowers aren’t fragrant. The hulls, leaves and young twigs are slightly downy. This makes the golden rain different from other types.

‘Yellow Rocket’ blooms on two-year-old branches. In order to get a nice even bloom every year, we recommend cutting out long shoots, and not pruning as a whole.

‘Yellow Rocket’ endures chalky soil.

Winter resistance
-23 to -28 degrees Celsius


Kiss Kertesz Duo Ltd.

041/37 PN

6042 Fulophaza



anagyroides LAYR

(Yellow Rocket) PBR