Breeders’ rights

Breeders who seek to introduce new plant varieties in Europe can protect them under European breeders’ rights. These are also referred to as plant variety rights. This is subject to the requirement that the new variety must be sufficiently distinctive from existing varieties.

How to obtain a European breeders’ right?

To obtain a European breeders’ right the breeder must register their variety with the Community Plant Variety Office (CPVO) in Angiers in France. The application fee is € 450, – The breeder will be issued an application number.

The period during which a species may be submitted for testing depends on the variety. Breederplants can guide customers through this process and help to determine the best possible period to submit species for testing.

The breeder must send their plants to a test location in Europe. The costs of testing are dependent on the variety. Several growing periods may be required to complete the tests, this is also dependent on the variety. These costs are charged per year. After testing is completed and the variety is approved, the breeder will receive a certificate stating that the variety has been certified by the CPVO for the term of the protection. This is also entirely dependent on which category the variety falls under. The CPVO also charges an annual fee of €300. For more information on European plant variety rights and all other related matters please consult the CPVO´s website:

Breeders’ rights do not apply in the United States, instead it is possible to obtain a patent for the plant variety or species. This costs around $3,000. Breederplants can also arrange this for you. All patents are applied for in your name, because you are the owner and we only serve to promote your interests.