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paniculata Couharie (Petite® Cherry) PBR EU 20230412

  • III
  • VI/X
  • -25˚C
  • 50cm
  • 40cm
  • Inedible
Petite® Cherry is a compact growing Hortensia with dense and numerous flowers. Petite® Cherry starts flowering in June which is really early. The flower changes from lime green to dark red in September. The plant will be fully covered with great flowers! Petite® Cherry reaches a height of 50 cm and will be about 40 cm width. This makes the Petite® Cherry very compact and suitable as a landscape plant. Petite® Cherry can also be displayed in a decorative pot on the terrace! This plant is very heat tolerant as well as very frost resistant. Temperatures like -25 degrees Celsius are no problem at all.


Jacques Couturieux

383, Rue Paul Elbel

88420 Moyenmoutier



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