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'Obelisk' PBR EU45564

  • IV-V
  • -20˚C
  • 400cm
  • 200cm
  • Inedible
Very probably the best hybrid derived from growth during the end of last – beginning of this century of Fargesia nitida and Fargesia murieliae. It has therefore been determined that it is solely available with a license without any right to propagation.
It has a powerfully upright, columnar manner of growth; expected height 4 to 5 meters. The ornamental value is also determined by the large, lightly tinted protective leaves, which remain visible throughout the whole year due to the narrow growth at the base. This hybrid offers much more winter green than the old generation Fargesia nitida ‘Nymphenburg’ and likes a sunny spot. The manner of growth is reminiscent of the shape of an obelisk, which is where the name is derived from.
Fargesia ‘Obelisk’® contains all the positive characteristics of nitida and murieliae. It is also the reason that this plant stands out head and shoulders above the current Fargesia. The unique hybrid work by Hans Verweij from Grassenerf in Boskoop has resulted in this plant. Nobody else in the EU has (so far is known) pollinated flowering murieliae with flowering nitida over and over again. The result is up there with multiple strong selections with good prospects on the market of which Fargesia ‘Obelisk’® is far away the best.

Columnar (obelisk form)
Fresh green leaf
Green stalks
Large lightly tinted protective leaves on the stalks
• Compact and bushy
• Tolerates any soil type and is ph. neutral
• Tolerates sun
• Very hardy in winter -25C
• Very nice winter green
• Voracious grower
• Strong by nature and disease resistant
• Suitable for pots and containers
• Good on its own
• Responds well to pruning
• Good for hedges
• Non-prolific

Fargesia ‘Obelisk’ is protected by CPVO with number: EU45564. Propagation without any written permission is prohibited.


Hans Verweij

Reijerskoop 305a

2771 BL Boskoop



'Obelisk' PBR