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sylvatica Verschuurfag1 (Midnight Feather) PBR EU56853

  • III/IV
  • -25˚C
  • 500cm
  • 200cm
  • Inedible
‘Midnight Feather’ has an upright growing habit with a nice leader branch. ‘Midnight Feather’ makes an easy size of stem. The leaves of ‘Midnight Feather’ are cut deeply, the shape of a hand! When ‘Midnight Feather’ starts growing she will flush her leaves with a deep dark red colour which are chancing during the growth to black, the colour of midnight. Her mystic colour fits perfect in borders with white flowers. ‘Midnight Feather’ is a healthy easy growing tree which you can use in the small garden, as landscape tree or at the side of the road to create a nice avenue. You do not need to prune ‘Midnight Feather’ so often, the only prune which you need to do is to keep her in shape, cut back the branches which are over hanging to keep the slim shape. ‘Midnight Feather’ handles each kind of soil. ‘Midnight Feather’ is winter hardy up to -25 degrees Celsius. Open sun or partly shade is the perfect place to plant ‘Midnight Feather’. She doesn’t burn in the open sun.


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Bakelseweg 11a

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sylvatica Verschuurfag1

(Midnight Feather) PBR