Breederplants VOF manages all its plants under contract.  This means that Breederplants has entered into an agreement with the owner of the species in question for European or global management rights.
If you are a grower and you are interested in testing or growing a Breederplants species, this will always take place under contract.  Breederplants has had contracts made up according to standard legal procedure.  The testing contract states the duration of the test, what you are allowed to do with a test plant and what not, your corporate details, and any sanctions should you violate the testing agreement as a tester.

Propagation agreement…

  • A propagation agreement features the following points of attention important to you as a sub licence holder:
    • Your corporate details including contact person, e-mail address and telephone number,
    • General conditions to which you must adhere,
    • Breeding of our products,
    • Period of notice,
    • Mutants,

    Breederplants VOF works with an appendix, which means that should you become licensed for one or more species from us in the future, we need not generate a completely new contract, the appendix will simply be adjusted accordingly. This saves a great deal of paperwork for you and us.

    The appendix contains the following information:

    • The species you wish to grow,
    • Licensing payment per plant sold,
    • European growers’ right number,
    • Owner of the,
    • land where you are authorised to cultivate the species,
    • Sales area,

    Should you have any further questions regarding our contracts, feel free to mail or call us.