Ronald Laman - partner & royalty management

As a thirteen-year-old boy, Ronald started collecting dirt and weeds at a nursery near his parents' home. He spent every spare hour among the plants and this is where his love for the world of nurseries began. After graduating from horticultural school, Ronald started working for various growers. Over the years, he has amassed a great deal of knowledge about plants: The ins and outs of the nursery and nature. You can really say that the passion for plants is in his blood.

In addition to his knowledge of all kinds of plant species, Ronald has started to delve into plant breeders' rights and applying for and protecting plant species. With this, he started Breederplants in 2010. In more than ten years he has developed Breederplants into a growing and thriving concept in the world of royalty management. With customers. growers and breeders around the world in his portfolio He is a leader in his field and in the market. In addition to a passion for work. Ronald has a huge passion for building relationships with customers, growers, and breeders. His personal touch and interest in Breederplants' relations are invaluable.

Myrte - marketing. communication and administration

Myrte is responsible for marketing, communication, and administration. With a bachelor's degree in marketing communication and ample experience of working in various supporting positions for a variety of companies, she has a fresh view of the field! Her work ethic, experience, enthusiasm for marketing communications, and eye for relationships and people enable her to master things quickly.